The federal Drug Enforcement Administration and local law enforcement agencies here in Illinois and across the country do what they can to keep illegal substances off the streets. They conduct numerous investigations, raids and arrests to that end. In their zeal, the sometimes make mistakes and violate the rights of those they suspect of drug crimes.

Five people could be wondering whether either of these situations occurred during the investigation that led to their arrests. The DEA and local law enforcement agents raided the home where the five people were. According to officials, the raid was conducted in accordance with a search warrant.

Supposedly, officers found approximately 27 grams (which is less than an ounce) of a substance believed to be heroin. Testing allegedly indicated the presence of fentanyl, which officials say is added to heroin and makes it deadly. Officers supposedly seized marijuana in the approximate amount of 100 grams. Authorities sought to substantiate the raid by saying that taking even these small amounts of drugs off the streets of the suburbs helps.

In the meantime, the five individuals arrested face felony charges. Reports indicate that a sixth person was also at the home, but was released to attend a scheduled rehabilitation treatment. No further details regarding the investigation were provided.

Those details will need to be provided to the individuals accused. The criminal justice system allows them to review the information that Illinois prosecutors intend to present to the court. That information could reveal whether police officers and/or investigators made mistakes or violated the individuals’ rights during the course of the investigation, during the raid or the arrests. Considering the severity of the drug crimes and the potential penalties involved, it is likely that each accused individual is working with legal counsel to prepare a strong criminal defense for presentation in court.

Source:¬†, “Five arrested, authorities seize heroin from South Elgin home“, Harry Hitzeman, June 29, 2017

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