When Illinois law enforcement officials look into suspected criminal activity involving drugs, they often obtain search warrants in order to locate evidence that could further their investigations and lead to arrests. When they execute those search warrants, they sometimes find information that allegedly leads to others parties and other search warrants. By the time officials are done, one or more individuals could be facing charges for drug crimes.

This is what happened recently to two Illinois men. Law enforcement officials executed a search warrant on a house in which one or more occupants were suspected of criminal activity. Information allegedly discovered at that location supposedly led investigators to conduct a raid on a second home. When the search was over, the two men were under arrest.

Police claim to have found a gun, objects for selling and distributing drugs and 14 grams of a substance believed to be cocaine. Each man faces charges connected to the possession, sale and distribution of drugs, along with other charges regarding the firearm. Reportedly, the revolver found in the home was stolen in February in Iowa. Other charges may be filed if police suspect the weapon was used in other crimes.

Just because the men face charges for drug crimes does not mean that they will be convicted. The court must consider them innocent until or unless prosecutors prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In challenging the charges, they each retain the right to their own criminal defense counsel. They may each review the alleged evidence against them in order to explore their defense options.

Source: dailyherald.com, “Two Round Lake Heights residents charged with drug crimes“, Marni Pyke, Aug. 12, 2017

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