Fatal car accidents happen far too often here in Illinois and elsewhere under a variety of circumstances. In some cases, the crashes occur due to unforeseeable events, but in others, the outcome could have been predicted. Drinking or taking drugs before getting behind the wheel can aggravate any charges filed in connection with an alleged DUI-related crash since there is an assumption that engaging in this type of behavior automatically puts people’s lives in danger, and the driver does not care.

Authorities claim that a 25-year-old Illinois man acted without concern for others on the road back on June 11. He is believed to be at fault for a crash that took the life of an 18-year-old woman. As he drove northbound on Interstate 57 that day, his vehicle strayed through the median and into the southbound lanes where it struck the vehicle driven by the now-deceased woman. Her passenger, another 18-year-old woman, reportedly suffered serious injuries.

Reportedly, the accused man had cocaine in his system, which was supposedly found through a urine test. Due to this test result, he faces three counts of aggravated DUI drugs — one count for the death, one for the injury and one for the presence of cocaine in his system. Convictions from these charges could result in years of incarceration.

As part of his criminal defense in this DUI-related crash, the results of the urine test may be challenged. Test samples are handled by humans, which often make mistakes. In addition, the method of collection and the equipment used to test the sample may also come under scrutiny. This is just one avenue of investigation that a criminal defense team may pursue when reviewing the facts surrounding a case such as this in order to provide the accused individual with his or her legal options and preparing a defense.

Source: wjbdradio.com, “Three Counts of Aggravated DUI of Drugs Filed Following Fatal Crash”, July 12, 2017

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