An Illinois driver is facing criminal charges after a recent motor vehicle accident. The woman is accused of DUI after the van she was driving hit the side of a school bus while traveling along the highway. The bus was carrying students to a high school basketball game at the time of the accident, and the impact caused the vehicle to roll over onto its side.

After the van collided with the bus, the bus driver lost control of the large vehicle, which then careened across the highway and eventually flipped over. Some students suffered injures, but none were life threatening. Those who were injured were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. A surveillance camera nearby captured the accident.

The driver of the van also received medical treatment for injuries, and she was then charged with both driving under the influence and failure to yield. While the accident is still under investigation by Illinois authorities, reports indicate that the van hit the bus while the bus was moving through an intersection. The driver of the van has every right to seek the counsel of an experienced defense attorney regarding her legal options.

Those charged with DUI should take quick action in order to protect their interests and ensure that they understand all applicable defense options. Those accused of drunk driving retain the right to defend themselves, and in some cases, a lawyer may be able to help secure less severe penalties or an outright dismissal. A case evaluation will reveal the most beneficial defense strategy according to the details of the case.

Source: ABC News, “Driver charged with DUI after her van slams into school bus, forcing it to overturn on Illinois highway“, David Caplan, Feb. 11, 2017

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