First, there is always an increased risk of being involved in an accident when a driver gets behind the wheel after drinking. However, there are times when the accidents in such situations are not the fault of an intoxicated driver, but instead are the fault of another party. Regardless, when Illinois police investigate the scene, the suspected DUI driver could still face a criminal charge even without having caused the crash.

This may be the situation for two 18-year-old men recently involved in a rear-end collision. As they and a 19-year-old man traveled west through an Illinois village, the SUV they occupied was struck by another car from behind. Officers and emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene, but fortunately, no one suffered anything more than minor injuries and medical assistance was declined.

However, as Lincolnshire police began investigating the crash, they suspected two of the three occupants in the SUV of being impaired. Preliminary information suggested that the driver’s blood alcohol concentration was above .08, which would be presumptive evidence of drunk driving even for a legal adult. He now faces charges for underage DUI, among other things. The other 18-year-old passenger faces a charge for possessing alcohol since an open bottle was allegedly discovered in the vehicle.

A conviction for underage DUI can have significant ramifications on a young adult’s future. It would be a good idea to seek legal assistance as quickly as possible to determine whether any viable options exist to reduce or eliminate the charges. Once those options are identified, a legal advocate could pursue the course of action believed to produce the best outcome possible to the charges.

Source: Glenview, IL Patch, “Glenview Teen Charged With DUI After Crash“, Jonah Meadows, Sept. 22, 2017

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