In today’s technological world, where everyone is plugged in and we are all part of a massive global community, digital forensics is essential in criminal defense.

Digital Forensics Overview

With the increase of computer use has come a surge in computer crime. This necessitates experts in the area of electronic data and the devices used to create, transmit and store this data. Digital forensics deals with all manner of electronic data. It addresses its discovery, interpretation, preservation, authentication, and more. This applies to many types of electronics, to include personal computers, laptops, net books, smart phones, hard drives, flash cards, CD’s and any other associated devices. Law enforcement has long recognized the importance of digital forensics in their investigations. Defense lawyers must also utilize the skills of digital forensic and computer forensic expert witnesses to investigate and design effective defense strategies for their clients.

Child Pornography

Child pornography has moved into the digital realm. The internet has replaced the illicit back room meetings, groups of traders, mail order offerings, and other real-world efforts that preceded wide-spread internet use. Illinois law bans the creation, distribution and knowing possession of any pornographic images that involve a minor child or depict a child under 18. These images refer to photos, films, or videos that display specific body parts of a minor, or show a child participating in a sexual act. State law further increases criminal charges to aggravated child pornography when the minor involved or depicted is under 13 years of age.

Defending Against Child Pornography

Because so many cases of child photography are tied in with internet use and computer devices, digital forensics plays a pivotal role in these cases. Issues like hacking, malicious software, and unauthorized use of your internet access by others can lead to unwarranted charges. Digital forensics can help to uncover these issues and demonstrate your innocence. Sex crimes are serious offenses that you should not face on your own. If you are facing these charges, consult with a skilled and experienced Illinois criminal defense attorney. A digital forensic investigator is an intrinsic part of an aggressive defense strategy in child pornography charges. Discuss this valuable asset with your defense lawyer.


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