Although some people may not realize it, single Illinois dads doing their best to raise their children are a fairly common occurrence. Across the country, there are roughly around 2 million single dads. This is according to relatively recent statistics from the government. In terms of percentages, this means that over 15% of all single parents in the nation are fathers.

Many of these dads have huge responsibilities on their plates. Almost 10% of these single dads had at least three minor children in their home. Moreover, the vast majority, 96%, were either divorced, separated or had never been married to their child’s mother.

Even among men who are not single parents, dads are frequently involved in their children’s lives and exercise important influences over them. By estimates, there were over 200,000 stay-at-home fathers back in 2013, and that number has likely grown since that time.

Even among men who held jobs outside their homes, almost 1 out of 5 young children received care from their father while their mom went to work. Other studies suggest that when men are involved in their children’s education, children perform better overall.

When it comes to the allocation of parental responsibilities, it seems clear from the available data that both parents should have the opportunity to form a relationship with their children and have a role in making important life decisions for them. Unfortunately, many men, and women as well, may find that the other parent is imposing obstacles which make it harder for them to get involved.

In these sorts of situations, a parent in the Peoria resident may need to get the assistance of an experienced family law attorney to help him advocate for his rights. This not only helps protect his rights but also puts the focus on the best interests of the child.

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